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PT - Issue 3 December OUT NOW!

PT for Decemeber is OUT NOW - Pick up your copy at the Positive Living Centre or download your copy Below.

Free Baked Goods from the HIVE
No funding for Women with HIV

Recently Vice president of PLSA Kath and Executive Officer Rob where interviewed by Radio Adelaide. The interview focus on the abolishment of funding for Womens HIV services and Programs in South Australia.

To listen to the interview, simply follow the link below.

HIV Criminalisation Animation

Queensland Postive People (QPP) have released a short animation covering the Criminalisation of HIV.

To watch the clip, click the following link, otherwise try the following links...


2014 Federal Budget

Click here to download the PLSA Federal Budget 2014 Info Update.

Since the handing down of the Federal Budget on 13 May, many positive people have talked with us about their anxiety over the impact of the budget, particularly on their income security and cost of health care. 

Myths abound, including the belief that all proposed Budget changes are about to happen any minute!!!  PLSA has compiled the attached update which focuses on the issues most commonly raised by PLHIV, and clearly distinguishes:

1.            changes that are imminent/definite
2.            changes that MAY need legislation
3.            changes that WILL need legislation
4.            changes proposed for after the next Federal election – which may never happen!

The definite changes are already having a negative impact on PLHIV, particularly those with chronic/complex needs.  For example, some of our participants are talking about stopping HIV treatment due to increased cost of scripts and healthcare more widely.  However, the definite changes represent a very small proportion of the intent of the 2014 Budget.  We have found it helpful to have a clear picture of this, to share with our participants. Feel free to make use of this update and provide us with any feedback.  We’ll continue to keep it up-to-date as the parliamentary process occurs.

And … don’t forget, we continue to maintain up-to-date versions of the following PLSA Info Updates:

  • Medicare-funded Allied Health Programs for People with Chronic & Complex Conditions
  • Mental Health, Counselling & Support Services in SA
  • Support for Carers in SA
  • HIV Services in SA

Let us know if you’d like the latest version of any of these and/or our forthcoming update on Advance Care Directives (once the process is finalised by SA Health).

PLSA Postal Address Change

Due to the closure of the Marleston Business Centre Positive Life SA have recently changed our postal address.

The New Postal Address is...
Positive Life SA
PO Box 117
Blackforest SA 5037

For more info, please call 8293 3700.

PLSA Postal Adress Change

The Wait is Over Campaign
Until April 2014, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) did not allow doctors to prescribe HIV treatment to people with CD4 counts above 500 who had no clinical symptoms.

This barrier has now been removed, and today ANYONE in Australia with HIV who has a Medicare card can receive subsidised treatment through the PBS.

Today is also the official launch date of the national “Wait is Over” campaign. NAPWHA spokesperson Bill Whittaker said that a key aim of the “Wait is Over” campaign was to inform people with HIV that they can now start HIV treatment as early as they choose.  “As well as emphasising the health benefits of HIV treatment, the campaign also recognises that if someone takes HIV treatment successfully their chance of passing on their HIV to others is greatly reduced.  HIV treatment can potentially help free people with HIV from a huge burden of guilt, blame and anxiety about possibly infecting others.”

To find out more head to the website at:

Positive Life SA: Now on Facebook
Positive Life SA is now live on Facebook!

Click This link to go directly to go Like out Facebook page.
Major barrier to treating HIV removed
A regulatory barrier, preventing some people from starting HIV treatment early, has been removed.  The amendment has been welcomed as a major step forward in the fight against HIV in Australia. 

To read more download the document here.

SA HIV Disclosure Guide 2013
Living with HIV, you might not know some of the legal issues around disclosing your HIV status. Who do you have to tell? When and in what curcumstance is it neccessary?.

This resource is a guide to some of the legal issues surrounding HIV disclosure in South Australia. This guide was created in collaboration between Positive Life SA and the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (halc) NSW. SA Health contrubuted funds towards this project.

You can download your copy by clicking on the image below.

halc HIV Disclosure Guide 2013
HIV Treatments Study
Study Advertisement
Improving antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation for people living with HIV in Australia: a realistic and viable approach?
Sub-study 3: interviewing people diagnosed with HIV currently not on ART

The National Centre in HIV Social Research, UNSW and National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWA) would like to invite people to participate in an in-depth interview, either face-to-face (for those live in urban Sydney) or by phone or Skype (for those live outside of metropolitan Sydney or interstate). The interview will last approximately 1-2 hours.

Funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the study aims to understand reasons for deferring or non-use of ART for people with HIV. We hope to identify clinical, personal, social and structural barriers to ART treatment uptake and reasons for ART non-use.

If you are aged 18 years or above, have sufficient proficiency in English to participate in a conversation style interview, and are not taking ART currently, we would like to hear from you.

If you decide to participate, you can either contact Brent Beadle via phone (02) 8568 0300 or email ( or through your local HIV community organisations.
With your consent, the interview will be audio-recorded. All information obtained in connection with study will remain confidential. You will be reimbursed with a Coles gift voucher valued at AUD30.

Advocacy: Criminalisation of HIV
Criminal prosecutions fail to reflect the reality of Australia’s HIV epidemic.  HIV transmission is not unusual.

Read PLSA's position statement on
Criminalisation of HIV here
Read the Oslo Declaration here
Read the NSW Position Statement here
Read the QLD Position Statement here